The day we met Ramona!

The day we met Ramona!

*** UPDATE! ***
Good news!!! Ramona just had her third CT scan and the mass that was in her brain has disappeared. This means that she did NOT have cancer, but a bacterial infection that was cured with antibiotics! Suddenly, she is back to her happy, playful self.

It makes me so happy that Ramona gets to continue living, that she has more time to know what it’s like to have a family who loves her. Thank you so much to everyone who helped make this happen!!!

Ramona appeared on the doorstep of our office at Family Brothers three summers ago with a bloody tail. We fed her and took her to the vet and decided to try to find a home for her. But when she left a dead bird on our doorstep, we knew that she loved us. And we loved her! We were family.

Cormac is the other cat who lives in the office. He also loves Ramona. Sadly for him, she does not return his feelings, but they have become good little companions for each other. You can often find them chasing one another around the office or watching birds from the window.

Life was happy for Ramona until this past May, when she became very, very sick. She wasn’t her usual playful self, and there seemed to be something wrong with her eye. The vet discovered an infection and mass behind her eye that was also pushing into her brain. They said it was cancer and that she only had a few months to live. But Ramona is only about four years old and is so full of life! We weren’t ready to give up on her.

After dozens of trips to the vet and over $6,000 (and counting) in medical bills, they figured out that, instead of a tumor, it was possible that the mass is an abscess caused by a serious bacterial infection. We’ve been trying multiple antibiotics to see if it will help, and she has since been on medication (including medicine for pain, nausea, and her eye) for six weeks. Ramona has improved a lot since we started the process, so we are hopeful, but she is still not out of the woods! The mass is in a dangerous spot, and if it continues pushing into her brain, the doctor said it could cause brain damage. After antibiotics, she’ll need another trip to the vet and likely another CT scan to determine if she’s been cured.

We are doing everything possible to save her, but the vet bills are becoming unmanageable. So we decided to have a little fundraiser for Ramona! We made tote bags and mugs inspired by her and Cormac, and prints of my New Yorker cartoons are also for sale.

If you have enough mugs and totes in your life but want to help our sweet little kitty, you can also donate below. Anything would help, even just a couple of dollars! Thank you so much for reading this and for caring about Ramona. She is a very special cat who got a rough start in life, and all we want is for her to get well and be happy!